Our Vision

Raising Sons Unto God !


Our Mission 

To reach the unsaved with the Gospel of the Kingdom and reconcile them to God.

To groom the saints to the measure of the  stature  of the fullness of Christ.

To unveil the complete truth to the Body of Christ as it was foreshadowed in the law and the prophets.

To raise saints who will eternally abide in Christ  and manifest divine realities on earth.

Books by Delyon Media House

Publcation of Unfailing Love Church

  • Priestly Walk 1&2

    There is a journey set before us, as we place our faith in Christ Jesus. This journey involves a walk with Him that called us. This walk is a priestly walk. Priestly walk simply means Christ’s walk. 

    Pst Douglas Arukwe
  • Intimacy with His Face

    This book reveals our need for intimacy with the face of God in Christ. After we have walked in the realm of the anointing, experienced great wonders and different kinds of miracles, we need intimacy with the Father to truly know Him and come to His very state.

    Pst Douglas Arukwe
  • Divine Predestination 1&2

    The eternal Destiny of the Church is to be like Christ. The pursuit of this destiny should be paramount to every believers. Until the church comes to the stature of the fullness of Christ which is destiny in Christ, she has not attained her divine goal.

    Pst Douglas Arukwe


Building Daily Intimacy With God