We bless God for awesome trip to Uganda, and all that God did in the City of Uganda. It was indeed a splendid mission trip, full of Glory, what glamour! The trip to Uganda began with the spiritual door that God opened to us through our Brother “Brian Mukisa” who visited Nigeria on August 2017 and spent about two months in the Nigeria. According to Apostle Mukisa, he questioned God on why He brought him to Nigeria. He described his journey to Nigeria as “Adventurous”. There were pleasant and unpleasant experiences that made him to remain asking God why he brought him to Nigeria.

Pst. Mukisa having attending few meeting in Nigeria (Cave Adullam, Ephesians 4:13 Believers Conference, and services in Unfailing Love Church, he told me that our gospel (The Gospel of the Kingdom) here in Nigeria is very interesting and unique, that he will want us to come to Uganda to preach the gospel of the Kingdom. Initially, I thought it to be a joke and I did not take it serious neither did I put my mind on it until he called me sometime in July this year that he is putting up ministers Conference for us in five districts in Uganda. Within few weeks he sent the invitation letter to us (Pst Francis Isibor, Pst Rex Igwe and I)

We set on for the trip from Nigeria on November 9 and arrived in Uganda in the early hours of November 10. On arriving at Entebbe Air Port, we were received by Bishop Charles and Apostle Mukisa. The reception was awesome; it was with joy and gladness of heart. That same Morning they took us to Kira, East of Uganda in the resident of Dr. Herbert of Well Spring Ministries where we lodged. Dr. Herbert and his family received us with joy and gave us true hand of fellowship. We had wonderful fellowship in DR, Herbert’s house with Holy Communion.

Pst Douglas Arukwe