TEXT: 1 Sam 28:1-6

MEDITATION “When people do not accept divine guidance, they will run wild…..” Prov. 29:18NLT  When people are not being guided by God, they will perish. I have seen so many people perished as a result of not being guided by God.

We cannot afford to live by chance. We must live and run with the counsel of God. I always counsel people not to take a step until they get a word from God. Any journey you embark on without the approval of God will most likely end in frustration if not in death just as the case of Saul. From the above scripture, we see Saul endeavoring to receive counsel from the Lord before advancing to the Philistines, but the Lord did not answer him. It amazed me how the account of the battle with the Philistines began …“Now Samuel was dead” “why NOW Samuel was dead” Samuel was the prophetic source in Israel when he was alive. Now Samuel was dead indicates that a prophetic medium is shut down, So Saul had to seek the Lord by himself for prophetic directions for the battle. Prior to the death of Samuel, Saul receives prophetic instructions from Samuel, especially in times of war. We could clearly see that the Lord did not answer Saul and he went to that battle without prophetic counsel. That led to his (Samuel) death. Highlight: We should always be opened to prophetic source for directions and
clarity. Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to seek You for prophetic direction for the spiritual battle ahead of us in Jesus name BENEDICTION: The Glory of God will be seen in all you do in this season

Bible through the year: Exodus 26:5 – 28:10, Matthew 22:43 – 23:18

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